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UPDATED 5/24/18

Some benefits of reflexology

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So you might have been to this post before and seen the green image and all the (now crossed-out) words below…well, a few days after I posted this, and sent it out to my mailing list, I realized: “Hey, wait a minute! This IS NOT the right thing for me right now!” So, feeling slightly embarrassed, I unpublished this puppy, and pulled it from everywhere I could, but I also forgot to update this, so a lot of you might have gotten some kind of redirect and wondered what the heck happened. I am still plenty qualified to give you a wonderful hand and/or foot reflexology session, as I went through a 315 hour certification program last year, and in FL, one must be a licensed massage therapist to offer reflexology (and I’ve been one of those for almost 14 years). So long story short (or long, depending on how interested you are), I’m still offering the 3 pack of reflexology sessions for $160 through 5/31/18. If you’re interested, here’s where you can purchase online. Thanks for bearing with me, and sorry for any confusion. If you’ve got any questions, please give me a call or drop me an email!

image of feet on grass

You can still treat your feet, but just for you–my plans have changed!


Want to treat your feet, help support your body’s health, and help me achieve national certification for foot reflexology?

Many of you know that last year I went through a certification program for therapeutic hand and foot reflexology, and became certified. Well, now I’ve chosen to go a bit further than that, and this summer I’m going to take the national certification exam through the American Reflexology Certification Board. This includes a written exam, a practical (hands-on) exam, and the completion of 90 documented sessions.

Over the next several months. I need to document the reflexology sessions of 30 clients who receive from me at least 3 times each.

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