Inspiration can come from the strangest places

Ok, I know it’s probably pretty absurd to talk about watching reality shows on a page about massage and healing, but I am only human, and it’s summer and time for So You Think You Can Dance and American Ninja Warrior!  It’s weird but they inspire me to be a better person–one who moves more and challenges herself. It’s hard for me to watch people dance and dance, or Parkour all over the place without wanting to get up and move myself! After an episode of SYTYCD, my mind if filled with music and leaping, and I find myself wanting to jeté, rubber-limbed, throughout the house. And American Ninja Warrior is filled with all kinds of stories of personal triumph, and it makes me realize that change is possible whenever you want to make it happen. I made sure to get a workout in this morning before I did anything else because I know I’ll be getting to know more warriors (at heart) on screen tonight. I’ll probably even do some push-ups during commercials. 🙂


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