What I did this summer…

new office

Have you heard I’m in a new office? It’s the suite on the left.

In early August, I moved to a new office!

Let me fast forward through all the craziness of the past few months (which involved not just one, but TWO office relocations), and just tell you about what I love about the office I’m in now, located at 3000 Hartley Rd #11, only a few hundred feet from where I started:

–It’s quiet and peaceful–my office-mates are a Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor, a Realtor, and a life coach. (Update 10/2/16: Now there’s just the counselor, and starting in November, an LMT friend will be joining us.)

–There is a giant oak tree out front, which means it’s nice and shady.

–Cute community cats like to hang out near the building. When you see them, you might notice that they have clipped left ears, which indicates they are part of a TNR program.

–The office is very simply laid out. You walk into the waiting area, and you can see my room at the end of the short hall. No more labyrinth!

My room is at the end of the hall

My room is at the end of the hall

–The room is quiet, spacious, and beautifully furnished. There’s a window AC unit if we need it (but don’t forget, if you get cold, I have socks for you!)

You're probably feeling more relaxed already

You’re probably feeling more relaxed already

–Best of all, I’ve been here a month, clients are loving the atmosphere and energy, and I feel relaxed and happy. Translation: better massage experience all around!

So how was your summer? Do you need a vacation from vacationing? If you’d like a massage to recharge and get ready for fall, give me a call at 904-274-1584, and let’s get you on the schedule!

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