3 Things Massage Can Help You With Right Now

Did you know: Bob Hope lived to 100 years old, and he and his family accredited that, in part, to the massages he got almost every day. Now, daily massage probably isn’t practical for most of us, but what about weekly or monthly visits? Massage is no longer considered a mere indulgence–it’s now proven to be an essential part of your health and wellness tool kit.

Frequent massage can have a great cumulative effect, but if life gets in the way, or maybe you’re brand new to massage, just one session can still provide relief to some common issues. Check out these three things massage can help you with right now.
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Have you got pain/pressure in your forehead or on the top/sides of your head? Could be a tension headache. It’s especially likely if you’ve been hunching over a desk or your smartphone, spending a lot of time in a car, or if you’ve gotten super involved in knitting or sewing projects. Tension headaches (often called stress headaches) are the most common type of headaches among adults.

Massage can help get rid of that headache, and regular massage may well keep it from coming back. In fact, a recent study shows that Thai Massage (which is like the best of yoga and massage combined) can help reduce headache intensity in people suffering from chronic headaches.

Low Back Pain

Most people I meet want to avoid surgery and pain meds for as long as possible. A major research study was published in 2011 showing that massage therapy was better than drugs and usual care for general lower back pain. Better than drugs. It’s worth mentioning twice.

Just about everyone will experience low back pain at some point in their life. If it happens to you, don’t suffer. Schedule a massage with me today and get back into action!


Have you ever been so cranky you got on your own nerves? I know I have, and it’s no fun. When you feel like you’re biting everyone’s head off when you’re asked a question, it might be time for some self-care.

Massage is great for stress relief. You get to shut off all the things that buzz and chime and aggravate you to the point of eye twitches. Music, silence, warmth, massage. All the irritation disappears.

It’s a win-win situation: you’ll feel better, and all the people around you will be happier that you’re back to your self again.

Got a headache, low back pain, or a perpetual bad mood? Call me for a massage appointment at 904-274-1584, or schedule online, and we’ll get things feeling better soon.

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