All Your Gift Problems Solved Forever

Your family called, they would like a massage instead of socks this year

Hey folks! I realized recently that when I talk about gift certificates, I’m generally talking to people who are already my clients, which is great, but I really ought to be talking to their loved ones, who might be thinking about what to get them for a gift. They might know that a massage might be a good choice, but maybe they don’t know who they usually go to, or how to get a gift certificate, etc. So to help, I decided to make a little note that my clients (or even potential ones) can use for inspiration! Feel free to use this and personalize it, or create your own way. Check it out:

Dear significant other/child/employer/Santa,

It’s one of those times of year where you might be trying to think of a gift for me. While I’ve enjoyed the socks/ties/perfume/jam-of-the-month club memberships you’ve gotten me in the past, I have another idea…what I’d really love is a massage/Thai massage/reflexology session with Annalisa Derryberry, LMT. It’s something I’ll definitely use, and I’ll be a happier, more relaxed partner/parent/employee/believer-in-you.

You can purchase gift certificates at her store online, which you can print out and stick in a card or stocking, or email directly to me. It’s really easy, you’ll be supporting a friendly local business, and I’ll be sure to sing your praises as the best gift giver EVER!

Thank you, favorite person!

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