A Tale of Two Rooms

This summer marks my fifth year of being in business in Jacksonville, and 3 years at Suite 11! Most of the time, I’m in the large room that you all have seen in the many pictures on this website and various social media, but did you know that I have a smaller second room?

small massage room--jacksonville, FL

Little room set up for a regular massage

I share the big room with a super-nice LMT, but we’re usually only at the office at the same time once a week, as she is usually busy with her other life as a nurse. We are fortunate to also have a second tinier room for those days (usually Saturday), and so the days she is there, I move to the little room. We can do all types of sessions there (as long as I have enough notice), unless perhaps it’s a combo involving work on the floor and work on the table (which is rare–and if it’s something you’re interested in, we’d just need to do a different day, or perhaps add a little extra time for room rearranging, as I can’t fit everything in that room at the same time!)

room set up for hand reflexology--Jacksonville. FL

Now it’s set up for a semi-reclined hand reflexology session

Because the large room is so large, we can do interesting combinations of session types, which you can select as add-ons when you schedule online, or just request it when you’re booking your next appointment. Here’s an example of the large room set up for 30 minutes of reflexology immediately followed by 90 minutes of Thai massage (bladders, don’t panic: bathroom breaks are totally ok!)

Set-up for foot reflexology followed by Thai massage

Reflexology plus Thai massage equals supreme relaxation!

Another plus to having the two rooms is that if you and a friend/significant other schedule appointments back to back, whoever isn’t getting worked on can hang out in the little room, and take a nap or something. Just give me advance notice so that I can prepare (and make sure that the room is available), although a lot of times I find the other person goes over to Target or Publix instead of just waiting around!

Ready to schedule? Head to my online appointment book or call me at 904-274-1584.

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