What’s new(ish) around here?

Hi folks! I thought I’d catch you up on some things and alert you to new happenings:

I’m still asking everyone to continue to wear a mask before, during, and after all in-office sessions. Thank you again to everyone who has been coming in since I reopened. I appreciate you all immensely!

Are you aware of my virtual offerings?

You can watch/participate from the comfort of your own home. They include:

my YouTube page, which features yoga classes and self care videos,

-Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation) sessions every Wednesday at 7pm on Zoom. The sessions are free and about 45 minutes long, and only requires you to listen to my words. It’s best done in a comfortable position in an area where you’re unlikely to be disturbed. If that sounds interesting, give it a try by signing up at this page,

and beginning 11/5/21: Friday Unwind! This 30 minute class via Zoom will be Fridays at 5:30pm, starting in November. It will combine a bit of gentle stretching, self massage, and guided relaxation, all to help you unwind and decompress from the week. It’s just $10 per class, and everyone who registers get a recording of the class, whether you can attend or not. You can register at this link.

Woman reclining on her back whilereceiving Table Yomassage.

Here are a few new things in the office:

Table Yomassage®: Quiet your mind and relax your body with this combo of touch, stretch, and breath on the table!
You relax fully-clothed in calming, supported positions on the table, melting more and more as you listen to a guided meditation and receive comforting massage from head to toe! (Masks are still required.) Watch videos to get an idea and schedule your appointment here.

Hand/Foot Paraffin add-ons: Try one of these for some extra-soothing heat that deeply penetrates into your hands and/or feet for just $10. There is also a special option for reflexology, which will add 15 min of head and neck massage plus the paraffin treatment for $25. Add-ons can be selected when you schedule online, or if you always schedule after your appointment, just let me know and I can add it for you!

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