Take A Rest, Leave Your Stress

As we approach the holidays and the end of the year, why not be kind to your body and mind, and invite a little more rest into your days?

A few weeks ago, I shared these pictures in my Instagram stories as part of a “5 days of rest” challenge, but I’ve been getting some requests to share them in post form, and so here you go! (Click on a picture to see it larger.)

You can do these just how they’re shown, or put your own spin on them to fit your needs on the moment.

I’m showing them on the floor, but you could also use a couch or your bed.

Grab an extra pillow or blanket, maybe something to cover your eyes–whatever you’d like to enjoy your quiet time a little more.

Try one, or if you have more time, try them all (maybe set an alarm if you have some place to be, in case you get really relaxed!)

For more inspiration for relaxation, I invite you to check out these recent videos I created to show some other simple rest positions to help you breathe and unwind.

This first one shows positions you can try on the floor or on a bed:

Here are some ideas here you can try in a chair at work, home, or whenever you need a break:

Do these look wonderful to you? If so, you might enjoy trying a Table Yomassage session with me. It combines supported positions like these with massage and guided relaxation and meditation.

And if you’re intrigued by these positions, but feel like the ones pictured here wouldn’t feel comfortable or aren’t accessible for your body, please get in touch with me and we can craft some that work for you!

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