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Guide to Gifting Massage

Your family called, they would like a massage instead of socks this year

When you’re relaxing on a massage table, it’s easy to see massage as a gift. Whether you’re there to reduce pain, to ease anxiety, to help you recover from the physical and mental stresses work/athletic training/parenting/simply being alive, massage is a moment of freedom in an occasionally crushing world. If you’re thinking of sharing the gift of massage with someone else for a special occasion or “just because,” you are almost certainly doing so from a place of love and generosity.

Obviously, I’m a big fan of giving massage as a gift! But just as with choosing to visit a massage therapist yourself, there are some considerations when offering this kind of gift. Continue reading

Stress, Anxiety, and Massage

Why get a massage? According to a survey conducted by the American Massage Therapy Association, 28% of Americans who get a massage do so for relaxation and stress reduction. That’s a lot of people in the US who feel strongly enough about their own experiences with massage for stress reduction to put their money on it. But aside from individual feelings, what exactly do we know about massage and how it relates to stress and anxiety? And what does the research have to say about that? Continue reading

What to Wear (or not) During Your Massage

The most Frequently Asked Question in massage: Do I need to get totally undressed?

Short answer
No. Absolutely not.

Long answer
I think most massage therapists and bodyworkers (including myself) were taught in school to say, “Undress to your level of comfort.” However, I think that’s probably way too vague, and people new to massage have no idea what that means. Here’s what you need to know about clothing during specific sessions I offer: Continue reading

All Your Gift Problems Solved Forever

Your family called, they would like a massage instead of socks this year

Hey folks! I realized recently that when I talk about gift certificates, I’m generally talking to people who are already my clients, which is great, but I really ought to be talking to their loved ones, who might be thinking about what to get them for a gift. They might know that a massage might be a good choice, but maybe they don’t know who they usually go to, or how to get a gift certificate, etc. So to help, I decided to make a little note that my clients (or even potential ones) can use for inspiration! Feel free to use this and personalize it, or create your own way. Check it out:

Dear significant other/child/employer/Santa,

It’s one of those times of year where you might be trying to think of a gift for me. While I’ve enjoyed the socks/ties/perfume/jam-of-the-month club memberships you’ve gotten me in the past, I have another idea…what I’d really love is a massage/Thai massage/reflexology session with Annalisa Derryberry, LMT. It’s something I’ll definitely use, and I’ll be a happier, more relaxed partner/parent/employee/believer-in-you.

You can purchase gift certificates at her store online, which you can print out and stick in a card or stocking, or email directly to me. It’s really easy, you’ll be supporting a friendly local business, and I’ll be sure to sing your praises as the best gift giver EVER!

Thank you, favorite person!

Need a mind/body reboot?

Do you feel stretched in a hundred different directions?

Obligations, deadlines, appointments, meetings, work, housework, sports, everything. More often than not, it seems there aren’t enough hours in the day, or days in the week, for all that needs to be done. We’re on constant high alert. We’re always moving.

All this chaos can be hard on your body and mind.

When this happens, we tend to be less mindful of our eating, start chasing sleep like it’s a lively kitten, or we get snippy with loved ones and coworkers.

The effects of this day-to-day stress are cumulative for most of us. Stiff joints get stiffer. Cranky shoulders get crankier, then one rogue golf swing or one heavy laundry basket makes it worse.

If fitness is your dinner, massage is your treat!

Massage is the mini-vacation you probably need, without the sand in your shoes and having to pull your computer out of your backpack.

Massage therapy is a reboot. It’s the control-alt-delete for your body and mind.
A massage resets your thoughts, slows your pulse, regulates your breathing, and recharges your mind.

Spend some time on my massage table, taking care of you. You can schedule online right here, or call me at 904-274-1584 to make your appointment.

What you get from a $75 Massage

Updated 10/30/17

For most people, money is the biggest obstacle to getting regular massage. There, I said it. We don’t like to talk about money, it’s supposed to be a private issue. But I’m addressing it head on. Regular massage is a considerable budget item, and it’s important to acknowledge that.

I know this becauseAnnalisa Derryberry neck massage

  • I walk the walk and get regular massage.
  • if I don’t plan for it, massage doesn’t happen.

But if I expect you to jiggle the numbers and budget $75 for a massage every week, month, or quarter, it’s my job to tell you what you’re buying. So here it is, what you get from a 1 hour, $75 massage, at the office of Annalisa Derryberry, LMT (MA43061 MM30953). Continue reading

3 Things Massage Can Help You With Right Now

Did you know: Bob Hope lived to 100 years old, and he and his family accredited that, in part, to the massages he got almost every day. Now, daily massage probably isn’t practical for most of us, but what about weekly or monthly visits? Massage is no longer considered a mere indulgence–it’s now proven to be an essential part of your health and wellness tool kit.

Frequent massage can have a great cumulative effect, but if life gets in the way, or maybe you’re brand new to massage, just one session can still provide relief to some common issues. Check out these three things massage can help you with right now.
Neck massage Jacksonville FL

Continue reading

The Many Ways Massage Can Benefit the Mothers in Your Life

(Updated 5/13/18)

Whether you are a mother, have a mother, or know a mother, Mother’s Day is time to honor those who’ve played this important role. Stepmothers, birth-mothers, and godmothers too. While there are as many ways of being a mother as there are moms in the world, one thing is certain: it’s a tough job, but a rewarding one. Here are some ways massage might be of service to the mothers in your life. Continue reading

Muscle Monday– “Wait, I have muscles there?!”

The other day, a new client asked me if I ever did scalp massage. I said “yes, in almost every session,” and that she would be receiving one at the end of her massage. It turns out that, even though she had received a few massages over the years, she hadn’t ever had her scalp worked on! I’m always surprised if it gets left out, because it’s one of my favorite parts. It’s such a crucial area–especially for headaches and stress relief. I can hear it right now, though: some of you are saying “Wait, I have muscles in my scalp?!” Continue reading