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Goodbye, Miss Patches

This morning, my parents had to make a sad decision to say goodbye to our special cat friend, Patches.

xmas patches

Despite having been injured several times in her early life before she was rescued by a good friend of mine, Patches was incredibly sweet and loving and had a loud, rumbling purr, and she helped me learn and focus metta, or loving-kindness. She came to live with me for a few years at the beginning of my massage career, and we had a special little daily routine. Everyday when I’d come home from work, I’d head back to lie on my bed, and she would race back with me, leap on the bed, and crawl up onto my chest and purr.  During that time, I began learning Thai massage, and when my teacher asked us to focus on our heart center to help us develop metta, I used that memory of Miss Patches, warm and purring in the center of my chest.


A few years later, Patches became my parents’ cat. Her original caretaker and I are so grateful that they were able to give her another loving home, and we have felt like she was meant to be with them all along.

She will always have a special place in our hearts. We love you, Patches, and thank you for loving us so unconditionally.