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Learn anatomy with Outlander!

Have you read Outlander and/or watched the tv show? If not, then do, because the books are great and the show is pretty good as well. If you have, then you might be aware of some of the fan websites. One I’ve just seen and enjoyed is called Outlander Anatomy.

It is written by a professor of anatomy, and uses pictures from the show and sometimes tidbits from the book to teach various anatomical lessons. It’s pretty new, so there are only a few entries so far, but it’s fun and informative.

Go check out the site, and then make sure you go read the books, especially if you like historical time-travel romances. And really, who doesn’t?

A few words about prenatal massage

Lately, I’ve encountered several people who were unaware that women could receive massage during pregnancy. They certainly can, and prenatal massage can provide a lot of benefits for the mother-to-be. Some of these benefits include decreased anxiety and pain, better sleep, and less complications during labor.

Prenatal massage is typically performed with the woman lying on her side, propped in a comfortable position with several pillows, and the session is designed to help her relax and let go of some of the stress and discomfort that can arise during this special time.

Women should discuss massage with their healthcare providers, and then make sure they find a knowledgeable massage therapist who knows how to take the proper precautions.





Think about this in the morning

I would like to share a small excerpt from the morning affirmation section of Tapping for Stress Relief, from Jessica Ortner of The Tapping Solution:

Today is a gift.
I’m grateful to be alive,
And to have this day.
I refuse to waste it
By complaining about what is.
I choose to focus on what I create.
I create my reality.
I choose wisely.

Enjoy your day! 😀

Book review


So Teebs (the black and white cat) reminded me of my promise to tell you about one of my favorite massage books: The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook, by Clair Davies.

The subtitle is “Your self-treatment guide for pain relief,” and that is the truth. Basically, it breaks down the big red Travell trigger point manuals for the layperson, and gives symptoms, causes, and treatment for almost every trigger point of the body. I mentioned the Theracane yesterday, and that is one of the primary treatment tools. The book features many clear pictures of where to place the Theracane, the lacrosse ball, or the supported thumbs–whatever tool is best–for the most immediate relief.
Really, I can’t recommend this book enough. I refer to it several times a week for use with clients, and on myself at home. As you can see in the picture, I’ve added my own tabs for easy reference. As a massage therapist, I definitely suggest getting frequent massage, but in between, this book and some self-massage tools can often help life feel more bearable!

The end to a wonderful weekend


Today was the final day of the Advanced Sideline Thai Massage workshop at Ananda Kula, with my wonderful teacher Ariela Grodner. It was so nice to be with a small group of people who are all really focused on learning this beautiful work. It really is an art, and when both the giver and the receiver are fully relaxed and present, it is like a dance. When I was first introduced to this primarily sideline sequence 6 years ago, it was very challenging, and I think I let a lot of stuff fall by the wayside. This weekend, though, it didn’t seem as bad, and I think I’ll definitely be putting this sequence to use. I want to say thank you again to this sweet group of people for a weekend well spent!


Collages courtesy of Ariela Grodner.