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The best of yoga and massage combinedThai Massage Jacksonville FL

You’ll be moved in a series of totally customized stretches which help the body relax deeply. While you’re being stretched, you’ll also be massaged by different parts of my body (hands, arms, elbows, knees, and feet) to allow aches, pains, and tension to melt and disappear.

Thai massage is done on a comfortable mat surrounded by pillows. You stay completely clothed the whole time, and no oil or lotion is used. It’s nothing you can’t handle, and you’ll probably wonder why you’ve never tried it before!

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What’s in it for you?

A deep sense of relaxation–Thai massage counteracts the daily stresses of life. This means you can look forward to better sleep, better interpersonal relationships, and more peace and sanity in your life.

Pain relief–The combination of gentle stretching and massage helps aches and pains to disappear, and tension just dissolves away.

Activities you love will be safer and easier–The greater flexibility and increased range of motion you gain will help prevent injury and make it easier to reach high into a cabinet, play tennis and golf, garden, or play with your kids/grand-kids.hip opener--Thai massage

More energy–Thai massage improves circulation, which increases your vitality, and also allows for faster healing after injuries or surgery.

It’s highly adaptable–If you’re pregnant, or if it just feels uncomfortable to lie flat, you can receive the work in a reclined position. If your joints feel stiffer than you’d like, pillows and bolsters can help to prop and support, allowing you to not go beyond what your body needs. On the other hand, if you’re already very flexible, we can help you go deeper into your stretches, and find new areas to open.

I have been regularly going to Annalisa for Thai massage for over a year now. I find the gentle stretching and compression techniques really help loosen my stiff muscles and keep me limber. She is very sweet and accommodating to my work schedule. I chose to take advantage of her special 10-session package deal as getting sessions in a series seems to produce the most benefit for me. –Nora S., Jacksonville, FL

Want to see some examples of how Thai massage flows together?

Check out these videos to get an idea of what you might experience:

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