Therapeutic Massage

A Great Way to Stay Healthy and Less Stressed

Imagine having an hour to yourself–no kids, no boss, no phone, no worries. During this time, you could relax (and possibly even doze) in warm comfort, all while your health and well-being improves. Dream no more! This could be yours during a customized therapeutic massage.

It’s all adjustable: the duration, the pressure, the temperature, the music, the conversation (or lack thereof). It all depends on what you want and need that day.

Look forward to some of these benefits:

Reduction of aches and pains–Makes it easier to work, play, and be.

Stress relief— Better sleep/less fatigue, more energy, and improved concentration.

Decrease in anxiety and symptoms of depression–Massage reduces levels of cortisol and lowers blood pressure naturally.

Immunity boost–Massage stimulates the body’s natural defenses, the lymphatic system.

Prenatal and postpartum help–It can result in fewer complications, better maternal health and well-being, and reduced strains and pain. Click to learn more about prenatal massage.

Unable to lie face up/down? Massage can be done with you lying on your side, bolstered in a comfortable position. Often people discover this is the perfect way for them to sleep at night.

I have been coming to Annalisa for almost a year. One of the things I love about her practice is that she caters to my personal needs. I have difficulty lying on my back for prolonged periods, and she has developed a side-lying position and use of pillows that works for me. I had a knee injury and she worked within my limitations, and her massage was able to get me through an extended trip to Europe.

Personable and caring, she is more than just a massage therapist–she’s a therapeutic massage therapist and, to me, that means she gives extra attention to those muscles that hurt that day. Every visit, she inquires about what I need and she tailors my session to those needs. I feel like an individual, not an assembly line. I leave her office feeling relaxed and less stressed, and what hurt when I arrived is very much improved. –Michaelle K., St Johns, FL

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