Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a state of awareness that is deeply relaxing, encourages well-being, and offers relief from stress and tension. It is practiced through a series of techniques that have been developed to help one achieve this state more easily, such as breathing exercises, guided relaxation, and meditations.

An example of how you could follow along to a yoga nidra session

It is a type of yoga practice that can be done lying down, or seated in a comfortable chair, and it requires little movement and no special tools (except for props to help you sit or lie more comfortably.)

Yoga Nidra is adaptogenic, meaning that it finds a way to help you just the way you need, and it is enhanced by the use of a sankalpa (personal resolve) that you create to help you live your life in a more meaningful way.

Benefits can include

  • improved sleep,
  • reduction of stress & pain, and
  • increased immunity.

Every practice is worthwhile and, in every practice, we gain something!

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