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Therapeutic massage— This includes a wide range of bodywork options such as Swedish or deep tissue, customized to your individual need, be it relaxation, pain relief, or anything in between. The massage can also be provided in side-lying position, making it more comfortable and safe for Prenatal Massage, or for anyone who is uncomfortable face up or down.

Thai Massage–A relaxing and energizing combination of yoga and massage. The recipient remains fully clothed, and no oil/lotion is used.

Hand & Foot Reflexology–Reflexology is a natural, drug-free healing therapy that puts the nervous system into a parasympathetic state, which is the only state in which the body can rest and repair. It is based on the idea that there are reflexes in the feet and hands that correspond to every system in the body, such as the musculoskeletal, respiratory, and endocrine systems.

Yomassage— A Yomassage class combines gentle hands-on massage therapy and mindfulness practices with a focus on the breath. Students of Yomassage are instructed how to arrange themselves in passive, supported positions on a mat on the floor instead of on a traditional treatment table. While fully clothed, and in a small group environment, students hold each position for 5-8 minutes while a licensed massage therapist performs manual massage on different parts of the body.

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